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Day 1: Halt at Thimphu (approx. 2500 masl)

Arrive at Paro International. Drive to Thimphu (about 1 hour drive) , capital of Bhutan. We will either go directly to field or checki-in at hotel. Evening, if you keen, we can visit the Thimphu art and craft market, some local shops, do some sightseeing.

Day 2: Halt at Thimphu

We will explore different areas in Thimphu and look for species such as the Great spotted Blue, Slate Royal, Small Tawny Wall, Great, common satyr, etc.

Day 3 : Halt at Chhukha

We wake up early morning, drive to Gedu (Chhukha: 2000 masl, 3-4 hours drive). Breakfast will be on the way. After about 3 -4 hours of drive, we will reach the Bhutan Glory spot. Here we will spend the entire morning and afternoon for Bhutan Glories. Occasionally, you are sometimes able to see the Bi-color Commodore, Lilac fork, Foresters, woodbrowns, etc.

Towards evening we drive our place of halt. It should be about an hour or so.

Day 4 : Halt at Punakha   

Early morning, we drive back to Bhutan Glory place and stay till feeding time which is about 10-11 AM. After that, we go ahead to a different location. We have lunch at the same place we had our breakfast the previous day.

Onway, we stop at the Dochula pass and spent some time looking for distant mountains, walk along the 108 stupas.

This could be about 6 hours drive. But we are breaking in between for butterfly watching.

Day 5 : Halt at Punakha (1500 masl)

Early morning, we drive to Jigme Dorji National Park (about an hour drive) , again one of the best spot for butterflies. We spent the entire morning and afternoon there.

In the evening while returning, we visit the iconic Punakha Dzong or Fortress built at the confluence of two rivers : Pho (Male) and Mo (female) river. The Jigme Dorji National Park is located on the female side of the river. Since the paddy would already be planted, the sceneries on villages adds charms to the place. We can drive along the villages, etc.

Day 6 : Halt at Tingtibi  (600 masl) 

We driveTingtibi in Zhemgang town (7 hours drive)  but on theway, we stop at Pelela pass (3500masl) and look for Common Blue Apollo, Silverspot, fritillaries, etc.

Lunch will be at Trongsa or on the wayside restaurant.

We drive ahead and again look for butterflies that usually come on roads such as the large silverstripe, stayrs, etc.

Day 7 : Halt at Pantang eco-lodge(240 masl)

Early morning leave for Tama area (about 15 minutes) or Berti area (52 minutes drive). We will look for lowland butterflies. In the  evening Drive to Pantang Ecolodge which is about 2 hours drive. We may be able to see the endangered Golden Langur, Rufous-necked hornbill, great hornbills, etc.

Day 8:  Halt at Pantang ecolodge

We will explore the various hotspots located near the ecolodge like the streams, under the bridges, etc. Species such as Tawny emperor, Sordid emperor, Yellow Gorgon, Large spotted Flat, etc. are generally seen here with host of other common ones such as the orangetips, mormons, peacock. Early morning, we can also look for Awls and Awlets flying near the lodge.

Day 9: Halt at Panbang Eco-lodge (160 masl)

We will again go further about 30 minutes drive. Onway, we look for butterflies at the Twin waterfall and roadside where the yellow gorgon can be seen.

Day 10 : Halt at Panbang

We drive about 10 minutes to places such as the road to Bjoka, yamdang where again, hosts of butterflies species can be seen.

Day 11 :  Halt at Trongsa

We drive back (7 hours drive) and onway look for butterflies along the highway leading to Pantang and the same route we travelled. After we reach Tingitibi for lunch, we drive straight to Punakha ( 7 hours drive). It may be late by the time we arrive late. But it will also depend on weather conditions. If it rains, we will drive straight ahead from Panbang.

Day 12 : Halt at Paro  ( 2400 masl)

We explore the Punakha highway along Thinleygang areas. There are few good spots. Afternoon, we drive to Paro.

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