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This is a short birding trip which focus on the town areas in Western Bhutan. This is also the most popular destinations for birding in Bhutan.

Day 1:  Halt at Punakha  (Drupchhu Resort, Pema Karpo)

Arrive at Paro Airport. Drive towards Thimphu. Onway at Thimphu river, look out for waterbirds such as Ibisbill, Brown Dipper, Solitary Snipe and mingratory birds such as Ruddy Shelduck, Margenser, Crested Crebe, etc.

We will enter the Royal Botanical park and walk the Rhododendron trail and look out for some resident birds such as the Brown Parrotbill, Fulvettas, Woodpeckers, etc.

Check-in at Hotel. If there is enough time, we move towards Phochu and look out for White-bellied Heron, Pallas Fish Eagle. The area is a regular winter habitat for these two globally threatened Species.

Day 2:  Halt at Phobjikha (Gakiling, Yueloki or Dewachen hotel and Spa)

If we are successful and satisfied of the observation of the above two species the previous evening, we move towards Phobjikha valley where the endangered Black-necked Cranes comes in winter. About 300-400 species regularly stay in their winter home from Late October to mid-March. Other species such as the bar-headed goose, Ruddy Shelduck, sometimes a solitary Common Crane is observed among the siege. The Hen Herrier is another resident bird observed in the valley.

If we are unlucky with the spotting of the White-bellied Heron and Pallas Fish Eagle the earlier evening, we will spend the morning again looking for this bird. Afternoon, we move towards Phobjikha. After reaching Phobjikha, we will Walk along the Gangtey Naturel Trail which goes around the Phobjikha Wetland, which is also a Ramsar site looking and observing the Black-necked Cranes. There are chances of seeing the Apollo Butterfly during this time.

Day 3 : Halt at Punakha (Same as before)

Early morning drive towards Pelela Pass and look out for birds such as Monal, Blood Pheasant, Satyr Tragopan, Himalayan Griffon, finches, etc. In the afternoon, we drive to Punakha. This area is little disturbed due to stone extraction now. But our birding hours will be before nine so it will be fine as the extractors will begin work only after 9. If it falls on Sunday, then we are blessed. We can explore the entire stretch of road as the birding site is located on the old road and vehicles does not ply that way anymore,\.

Onway, we will do birdwatching

 Day 4: Halt at Paro (Phuntsho Pelri, Peaceful Resort, Rochogphel)

Drive towards Shatem, a part of Jigme Dorji National Park and look out for birds. We will spent the entire morning there. In the afternoon, we return to Hotel and Check-out. Onway, we again stop at the Royal Botanical Park and look out for birds. We can have lunch there at the café.

If we have time, we can go to Chelela pass,  which is about 2 hours drive from the main road, before checking in at the hotel. Otherwise we can skip Chelela and do birdwatching along the Paro river and look out for waterbirds.

Day 5 : Halt at Paro



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This is best done during March-April and October months

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