The purpose of the trip is to target the Bar-pouched Wreathed Hornbill, great hornbill and Rufous-necked Hornbill nesting site. They are sure to be sighted and will require about 5-10 minutes of walk from the road point. Our objective will also be try to get Ward’s Trogon, Satyr Tragopan and other smaller birds of interest.

Day 1 : Halt at Thimphu (Dochula).

Arrive at Paro International airport. I will be there to pick you up. We will drive to Chelela and look for the Satyr Tragopan, Blood Pheasant, etc.

Day 2: Halt At Nobding

Early morning, checkout of the hotel and drive along Royal Botanical Park highway and look for the Ward’s Trogon and yellow-rumped Honey guide. The yellow –rumped honey guide site is located below the road. It is a sure sighting.

After lunch, drive to Nobding where it is another place to sight both the species, Ward’s Trogon and Yellow-rumped Honey guide.  Towards evening, we can drive ahead to Pelela pass and look for the other high altitude birds.

Day 3: Halt at Pantang

We will directly drive to Pantang which is further away from the Tingtibi. Here, two nesting sites of Wreathed hornbill or Bar-pouched Wreathed hornbill are sure sightings and hence my suggestions for your visit. It will remain till August but July and August is fill with rain fall hence no point visiting Bhutan. Both the sites are about 50 metres from your point of photographic site.

Morning we look out for birds and butterflies. And towards lunch, we drive to Pantang. Once we reach Pantang, we will drive to the Rufous-necked Hornbill nesting site. KC got the pic. from here. If we have time, we will also try for the Wreathed Hornbill nesting site otherwise we leave it for tomorrow morning. In the evening, we again look out for moths.

Day 4 : Halt at Pantang   

Early morning, drive to Wreathed Hornbill site. Return to the lodge and after breakfast drive to twin waterfall where lots of butterflies are seen. We will also go the Panbang for birds and butterflies. In  evening, again mothwatching will continue.

Day 5 : Halt at Nobding

After breakfast we drive to Nobding. But onway, we will look for birds and butterflies. In the evening and morning, we will continue to look for beautiful moths.

Day 6 : Halt at Paro

Drive to Paro. In case we are unlucky with the Satyr on the first day, we will go to Chelela pass. KC got the bird at around 3 PM in April.